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Film review in brief: Viva

Droll sex lib parody

TOUR DE FARCE. Anna Biller directed, coproduced, wrote, edited, starred in, designed and scored her first feature.

You will never see a labour of love quite like Anna Biller’s opus. The Los Angeles-based filmmaker directed, coproduced, wrote, edited, starred in, designed sets and costumes for and scored her first feature film about an average secretary-cum-housewife caught up in the sexual revolution of the 1970s. Biller has managed to recreate 1972 Los Angeles to jaw-dropping perfection, evoking sexploitation directors such as Radley Metzger and Russ Meyer.

Viva is a scathing satire of the more illusory aspects of sexual liberation, with promises of female empowerment overshadowed by male narcissism, hedonism and excess. The film is a droll, smart, retro pleasure from start to finish.

Viva is now out on DVD.

— From Jon Davies’ Feb 28, 2008 review of the theatrical release.