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Filthy gorgeous!

Granted, Monday morning might be a teensy bit late for these to be really useful (did someone say "nooner?") but the legendary Lady Bunny has helpfully posted The Rules of the Baths. Among the gems:

"It is pointless to consider why guys who won't even talk to you at the bars are so eager to suck your cock at the baths."

Meanwhile, her fellow New York blogger Joe Jervis offers this debate on the topic from San Francisco:

The big tragic story this weekend was the death of John Travolta's 16-year-old son. There's been a lot of speculation around it and for once, I'm kind of speechless. Whether or not Travolta is gay or the nanny legit or the boy autistic or Scientology lethally stupid, the whole saga is just unpleasant.

Across the sea, this French sports interview caused a stir…until it was revealed to be a "Borat" style hoax. Still fun though — watch the background carefully:

And just after England's BBC One scored nearly 12 million viewers for the latest episode of sci-fi favourite "Doctor Who" on Christmas day, they announced this weekend that little-known 26-year-old actor Matt Smith will take over the role in 2010, making him the youngest of the 11 actors to have played the Doctor since 1963:

Bad enough that my childhood hero will now be a full decade younger than me but I'm finding the new guy strangely hot.  Kind of a "Twilight" thing, no?  He was my role model and now I feel dirty inside!