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Filthy Ladies

Sordid cabaret to benefit theatrical triple-bill

The two Davids doing their version of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

Those who haven’t seen Keith Cole’s testicles (if there’s anyone left who hasn’t) may get their chance when he hosts Ladies in Trouble, a cabaret-style fundraiser for HH Theatre’s upcoming theatrical project. “The fundraiser will be disgusting because Keith Cole will set the tone, and that’s how we want it to be,” HH Theatre’s David Bateman says, before rushing to add, “I mean disgusting in the fun and campy way Keith can be.”

HH Theatre’s Hope Thompson, David Bateman and David Roche (the two Davids are pictured above) will produce the November show Fear and Desire (and the Whole Damn Thing). It will run for only five performances, each comprising three acts. Act 1 is the Toronto premiere of Thompson’s play Stiff. Act 2 is an offering from Jenna Harris, JP Larocque and Jessica Moss. The third act is Roche and Bateman’s revival of their play People Are Horrible Wherever You Go.

In addition to the Keith Cole’s naughty bits (potentially), Ladies in Trouble will feature short performances by scads of well-known local (and more than local) personalities, including Sky Gilbert, Kirsten Johnson, RM Vaughan, Gavin Crawford, Carolyn Taylor, Jordan Tannahill, Amy Lester, JP Larocque and Cathy Petch. Performances cover everything from standup comedy to readings, much of which is bound to be filthy.

“The benefit is kind of a preview of the sort of comedy the November show will have and will raise some money and get the word out,” Bateman says.