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Final Fantasy forgoes frock

New video game features a scantily clad, twinky hero

To be fair, video game series Final Fantasy is no stranger to excessively pretty twinks in various states of dishabille with suggestively Freudian weaponry.

There’s Zidane of Final Fantasy IX, Tidus of Final Fantasy X and Vaan from Final Fantasy XII, who always seemed on the edge of twinkish decency to me.

However, with screenshots and art from the new mobile game Mevius Final Fantasy, the Japanese fantasy roleplaying game has reached new levels of slutty man flesh.

The still unnamed character for the iOS/Android game is a swordsman with bronzed skin, J-pop boy band-style hair, and pouting lips,” Japanese publication Rocket News 24 reports.

As RN24 notes, scantily clad pretty boys are not at all new to Japanese culture like anime, manga or video games.

More interesting is that new series titles like Mevius or Final Fantasy XV atypically feature all-male casts, at least so far in development. They credit this onslaught of guy-meat to the series’ female fan base, but I think they’re forgetting another demographic.

There’s a certain track from the series that gay gamers who are into superfluous man-flesh might be humming to themselves at this news.