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Find success

Well, Vancouver, turns out stripping is a lot harder than it looks, especially after being on set for 11 hours beforehand (filming for Don't Quit Your Gay Job). We had a packed club at Celebrities last night, which added considerably to the "Oh my fucking god I am going to take off all my clothes on camera for a whole bunch of friends, family and complete strangers" panic that left me in a strange combination of throw-up yawns before taking the stage at midnight.

Earlier yesterday evening, Trevor at Stinkwallet sent me this: 

This gave me some much needed perspective. If I didn't get my shit together, I could face a similar future as the lady in blue. Honestly. Who likes being told they could be more successful doing something else? Bitch please. 

Just wanted to also say thank you to all the readers for putting up with some inconsistent postings recently. We're wrapping production and after the finale last night, I'll be able to have a normal life again soon, which means bigger, beefer blogs here on Up Your Alley.

Reese Rideout beefy? Perhaps. That guy is pervert and I loved every second of him coaching me how to striptease yesterday. Tuns out he's also just a nice guy from Oregon who loves what he does. He'll be at Seattle Pride at the end of this month so make sure you say hi if you see him around.

Check back next week for an interview with Velvet Steele. Have a great weekend.