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Finland, blood donors and nine priests in a gay bar

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Finland legalizes gay marriage

Finland has become the 12th European nation to legalize gay marriage and the last of the Nordic countries to do so. Finns have been able to enter into same-sex unions since 2002, but the new law — which was prompted by a citizens initiative — will allow couples to share a last name and adopt children.

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Ireland has “strong clerical gay scene” among Catholic priests

According to a new book of interviews with Irish Catholic priests, the priesthood has a thriving secret gay scene. One priest interviewed described having sex with other priests and wandering into a gay bar only to recognize nine other members of the clergy. The book also presents research showing the majority of Irish priests are unhappy with mandatory celibacy.

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Senate bill raises hopes for Australian same-sex marriage

An Australian Liberal Democratic senator has tabled a bill to allow same-sex marriages. At the moment, same-sex unions are permitted in Australia but cannot be called “marriage” under federal law. Prime Minister Tony Abbott opposes same-sex marriage, but some political observers think enough of his ruling coalition will go along with the bill to pass it.  

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Evangelical parents fight for reform after son’s death

Many parents who lose children to reparative therapy leave the church for good. When Rob and Linda Robertson’s son died of an overdose, after psychological damage from his church’s attempts to make him heterosexual, they decided to change the church from within.

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New York Times: Let gay men donate blood

New rules to allow American gay men to donate blood if they have been celibate for one year are not enough, says The New York Times editorial board. The Times argues that the US Food and Drug Administration’s rules unfairly lump together all gay men and that blood banks can ensure safety with more logical methods.

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San Francisco renames street from gay hater to gay hero

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to rename Lech Walesa Street, named after a Polish politician and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. The namesake said earlier this year that gay people should not hold public office. The street will be renamed after Gay Games founder Tom Waddell.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Touko Laaksonen