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Fiona Noakes moves out of the shadows

Local singer says all her songs have personalities

"I was worried my voice wasn't good enough," Noakes says about the first stages of recording her new album.
Fiona Noakes has been walking the line between actor and musician for many years. Her music has finally taken centre stage.
Members of the queer community might remember Noakes as the brunette rocking out at the afterparty following last year’s Dyke March in Ottawa.
“That was my first show with the band!” Noakes recalls excitedly. 
Many shows later, in mid-March 2012, Toronto-born Noakes and her band released their debut album, Out of the Shadows.
“It began like a journey,” says Noakes, who also recorded several professional music videos that were released before the album. “It’s a new challenge to write for the band.”
Noakes works closely with guitarist Tim Trant when writing songs. “I learned what works, and I found my voice,” she says of their collaboration.   
The two first paired up and started going to open-mic nights in 2010, yet even with a background in acting, Noakes admits she was nervous about recording songs.
“There are a lot of songs that don’t make the cut. I was worried my voice wasn’t good enough,” she says. “I’m so happy to finally have my CD out there.”
Like her idols Tegan and Sara, Noakes draws on life experiences to inspire her lyrics. She says it’s become a game for friends to ask, “Is that song about me?”
While Noakes is no stranger to the spotlight, she says she wears different masks that come out in her music. “All my songs have personalities,” she says. “When I go on stage, I’m ‘stage Fiona,’ but I’m pretty quiet with my friends.” 
Out of the Shadows is a mix of aggressive rock mixed with solo acoustic songs. The songs touch on themes of disappointment, lost love and anger. “Ways to Get Over You” is a cross between Bif Naked and Florence and the Machine. “That song is very energetic and fast-paced for me,” Noakes says.
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