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Fire Island, Northern Ireland and aging while gay

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Political maneuvering in Northern Ireland

A resounding political loss by the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party could open the door to same-sex marriage, but DUP politicians are already rounding up small-party support to continue blocking equal marriage. Northern Ireland is the last party of the United Kingdom without equal marriage.

Read more at the Belfast Telegraph.

What is gay loneliness really about?

Michael Hobbes’ essay last week made waves, claiming that social problems inside the gay community were contributing to loneliness and depression. While some reactions were predictable anti-gay rhetoric from religious conservatives, others, such as Ben Miller at Slate, presented more nuanced arguments about the political realities behind gay loneliness.

Researchers study gay aging

At the University of Washington, researchers have released the results of research into what they say is the understudied topic of LGBT aging. They found that LGBT seniors are at greater risk for diseases from cardiovascular problems to social isolation, but that good relationships and being out of the closet can attenuate risk.

Half of Japanese gay students bullied

A Japanese professor of social epidemiology is calling for better supports for Japanese students, who his research shows are frequently bullied in school. More worryingly, students say very few teachers stepped in to help.

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Fire Island series announced

The gay entertainment world is discussing Logo TV’s new docu-series Fire Island, in which a group of well-muscled New York gay men frolic for a summer at the legendary gay getaway spot.