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Fire island, Yelp and a fake girl crush

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Country song pulled from radio over mistaken gay content

The song “Girl Crush” by country band Little Big Town has been pulled from rotation by several US radio stations after complaints about the song’s gay content. If that wasn’t bad enough, the song isn’t even actually gay. The song’s lyrics are from the perspective of a woman jealous over the other woman who took her man, but enraged listeners took the jealous obsession as too lesbian for their liking.

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Fire Island landmarks destroyed by fire

A fire has destroyed two landmark buildings on the traditional gay enclave of Fire Island. An apartment complex known as Holly House and the Grove Hotel both burned down in the early morning of March 27.

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Mexican states approach same-sex marriage reform

A judge in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas has given a special order, called an amparo, to allow 68 gay couples to marry. In the Mexican legal system, courts can give individual permission to couples without overturning state law. In Baja California, however, so many couples have received permission that the supreme court has told lawmakers to reform the law to allow same sex marriage for anyone who wants it.

Indiana governor signs bill allowing religious discrimination

Indiana governor Mike Pence has signed a bill that will allow businesses to discriminate against customers, based on the owner’s religious beliefs. Republican supporters of the bill say it is not meant to be discriminatory, but only protects “religious freedom.” Companies including Yelp and Salesforce have said they will avoid doing business in Indiana if the law remains.

Italian senate recommends same-sex civil unions

The Judicial Committee of the Italian senate has voted in favour of civil unions for same-sex couples, as well as for unmarried heterosexual couples. The proposal would also allow same sex couples to adopt children. Same sex unions are not currently allowed under Italian law, but some mayors have ordered city clerks to register unions.

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