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Fired Sportsnet anchor campaigns against gay marriage

Remember, the former freelance anchor on Sportsnet? Last year, he went on Twitter to publicly announce his support for “traditional marriage,” which I can only assume means he’s in favour of invading another country, killing all the men, and then forcefully taking their wives as your own.

Shortly afterwards, he was dropped by Sportsnet, but don’t worry! He’s found plenty of work . . . Unfortunately, he’s now moved on to doing ads for anti-gay organizations, urging people to vote against gay marriage. You know, most people would just get a real job, but no, campaigning to segregate an entire group of people due to vaguely religious beliefs? I’m sure that pays well too.

In one 17-second spot that is airing in Maine, Damian Goddard introduces himself as a former national broadcaster in Canada who says he was fired for supporting traditional marriage.

“Don’t let this happen in Maine,” he says at the end of the message.

In May of 2011, Goddard tweeted his support of Todd Reynolds, a hockey agent who himself tweeted about his displeasure with Sean Avery of the New York Rangers. Avery appeared in an ad supporting gay marriage, a decision Reynolds said was “very sad” and “wrong.” Goddard then tweeted: “I completely and wholeheartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage.” [Source]

So basically, Damian Goddard got fired from his TV show and subsequently dove headfirst into being a bat-shit crazy homophobe, trying to bureaucratically disenfranchise LGBT people? Does Victoria Jackson know this a-hole stole her career path? And does George Hamilton know Damian stole his bronzer?

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