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First Media Group buys Cruiseline

Here’s something interesting….

Cruiseline, the long-running telephone hookup service operated by Xtra’s publisher, Pink Triangle Press (PTP), has been bought by First Media Group.

Cruiseline was launched in 1989 when Xtra was barely four years old and PTP had only four employees. It was a financial boon to PTP, allowing it to grow into a multi-million-dollar not-for-profit media company catering specifically to gay and lesbian people. In recent years, as cruising has turned more to the internet, PTP developed the international gay hookup website, Squirt has taken on the role of economic engine for PTP.

Cruiseline was envisioned by Colin Brownlee, who served as Xtra’s advertising manager in the 1980s and '90s. He rejoined PTP’s staff in 2011 to oversee the redevelopment of and PTP's other websites.

Check out the press release about the purchase below…

PTP press release

And visit the Cruiseline website to download some really hot-dude wallpaper pieces.

And speaking of phone sex, this made me laugh until I peed.

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