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Fist me, baby, one more time

Queer pornstar Courtney Trouble hosts a fisting workshop

Pornstars Courtney Trouble and Zahra Stardust in their award-winning female ejaculation sequence. Credit: Courtney Trouble

Some people take pleasure from delicately sipping rosehip tea, some enjoy meandering through the park, and still others never miss an opportunity to catch snowflakes on the tippy-tips of their tonguey-tongues. And, well, some people like fisting.

To address the growing need for fisting-related information, queer pornstar Courtney Trouble will host a workshop focused on the process of inserting your entire hand into somebody’s hole. “Since I co-created International Fisting Day with my friend Jiz Lee three years ago, the interest in educational fisting information, as well as discussion around porn censorship and creating sex-positive awareness around fisting, has grown so much. We launched last year and received over 100,000 hits in the first month,” Trouble says.

While the event is open to people of all genders and orientations, it will cover vaginal fisting only. The workshop is suitable for people of all experience levels and deals with everything from breathing techniques to tips on what to do once the fist is fully inserted. Trouble says that when her hand is inside someone, she focuses on “how they are responding to different movements . . . and working with them to find out what they like.” Depending on this feedback, Trouble might then employ hard punching movements, gentle squeezing or even absolute stillness. “All three of those things in a rotating pattern while they grind on a vibrator? No problem. Once I’m there, I’m there for you,” Trouble says.   

To demonstrate some of the tips and techniques she discusses, Trouble will fist Australian pornstar Zahra Stardust during the workshop. “I met her in Australia, and we performed together in a really amazing porn scene, Femme Facial, which did include fisting as an incredibly multi-orgasmic female ejaculation sequence that got nominated for a Feminist Porn Award,” Trouble says. “Zahra and I have had some practice with each other already, and we are excited to share a moment with our participants and inspire them to go home and try it themselves, armed to the teeth with useful knowledge and great ideas.”

While she’s in town, Trouble will also deliver the keynote closing speech at the Feminist Porn Conference.