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Fists/Fisting Across America…

You know, it's funny. Some weekends go by with nary a mention of fisting to be had and then you have weekends where every second word out of someone's mouth involves fist, fists, fisty, fisted, fister, fisting or fistings.

That's right, people! It's salute to fisting day here on Up Your Alley (I've been waiting MONTHS to type that…oh…oh…oh god)
Time to dust off your old Fists Across America: We’re not taking it lying down anymore! t-shirts and get to work. Fisting is back!

(Thanks to Towleroad and Sheppard Fairy for the image)

In other Obama related news, a reader submitted this for consideration the other day:

Can you spot the fists in this crowd?

More importantly: if I PDA falls from the hand of a teenager in a large crowd of teenagers holding PDAs, would anyone actually care?