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Five hottest hockey players to ogle

Checking out the talent hitting the ice

Hockey night comes back to Canada today, and what better way to kick off the season than with the most Canadian match-up you could have? The Toronto Maple Leafs square off against the Montreal Canadiens Wednesday, Oct 8 at 7pm. So let’s celebrate by checking out the smoking players you should keep an eye on tonight:

Joffrey Lupul

Despite sharing a name with that little shit from Game of Thrones, Lupul has a tremendous body . . . of work.

David Booth

He’s been around on a few teams and his previous coaches have called him “odd,” but look at that smile. And that hair! Total hunk.

Jonathan Bernier

Here’s a fun fact about Bernier: he was made goalie because his dazzling, radiant smile is what stops most shots. (This is a false fact.)

Mike Weaver

There’s something about Weaver that can’t be denied. Is it because he looks like your dad’s old college roommate who never gave up the hockey dream? It’s probably that.

Brandon Prust

That beard. It’s everything. And he’s funny!