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Five movies Lindsay Lohan should have been in

Lindsay Lohan’s box office appeal started to fade in 2007 with the release of the so-bad-even-the-gays-didn't-see-it I Know Who Killed Me and the constant legal and personal turmoil in her life being exploited like… well, a child star. No one wanted to see a Lindsay Lohan movie, because nothing could be as entertaining as her real life.

With contracts almost signed for the new Gotti-family mob blockbuster filming later this year, also starring John Travolta, and a rumoured role lined up as Sharon Tate in an upcoming movie about the Manson murders, it looks like Lindsay might once again dominate the box office.

Here are my five picks for films La Lohan should have made in the past few years to maintain her movie stardom.

2008 – Garden Party: I loved Willa Holland in this movie. She was beautiful, restless and pensive. What she and the film lacked was major star appeal. I think Lindsay would’ve added an alluring dynamic to this coming-of-age-in-Hollywood story, and God knows girl could relate. 

2009 – Jennifer’s Body: I know, nobody saw this movie written by Juno writer Diablo Cody, but maybe audiences would’ve preferred Lindsay, instead of Megan Fox, in the title role. Megan brought sex appeal, but I found her performance one-dimensional. Lindsay might've been able to bring a few more layers to Jennifer's Body.

2009 – Nine: I could see Lindsay replacing Jennifer Hudson or Fergie in this Rob Marshall-directed musical. It would’ve been a great opportunity for her to star alongside Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz. It would have been a smart move for producers as well, because she would’ve appealed to both the gay and the teen demographic, who, according to box office numbers, weren’t exactly rushing to theatres. 

2010 – Valentine’s Day: This was the most star-studded film of 2010 and would’ve been a huge break for Lindsay. I personally think she would’ve been a more interesting casting choice than Jessica Biel, Emma Roberts or Taylor Swift. I mean, Taylor-fucking-Swift? Really?

2011 – Sleeping Beauty: This Julia Leigh-penned retelling of the haunting fairy tale is premiering this year at Cannes. I can’t wait to see it. The trailer (below) gives an eerie Kubrick-esque feel, and I think Lindsay would’ve been the perfect beauty for this role.

Who knows what’s next for Hollywood’s it girl, but here’s to hoping she returns to the silver screen soon and that the media has as much fun putting her back on her pedestal as they've had pulling her down. 

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