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Five Sixty

A new gay nightclub opening here? In Vancouver? It must be true cause I finally saw some posters out on the poles on Davie St…. It sounds like I'm going to be taking Xtra photographer Brandon Gaukel there on Saturday night to document the opening for the new Xtra Vancouver.

It's not every day a new dance space opens in this town… which is why I'm giving you plenty of notice so you can come too.

Here are the details:

For the record: Honey Dijon was the first DJ I bought a ticket to go see. She's AMAZING.

And maybe one of the DJs will be kind enough to play this for me:

New Sophie Ellis Bextor…. I've been waiting for this track ever since I heard the Freemasons spin it during the Olympics. LOVE IT ALREADY and am dying for a killer remix.

See you Saturday?

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