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Five tips for staying fit

Already having trouble keeping that new year's resolution? Here are simple ways to keep with the program

Fitness Factory trainers suggest eating richly coloured vegetables to stay healthy this winter. Credit: -

We ate a container of Pringles yesterday at the office. It's true. We also skipped the gym because it was so cold outside. Needless to say, this new year's resolution-keeping is not going so well. We asked the trainers from Toronto's Fit Factory Fitness to give us five easy ways to stay motivated and keep in shape in these treacherous days of early winter. Read their suggestions below, keep it real and stay fit!

1) Select your splurges carefully. Scan everything and fill your plate with the things you plan to eat at the party that night. No seconds.

2) Fill up on rich-coloured vegetables and lean protein (white over dark).

3) Ditch liquid calories (juices, soda, et cetera) and drink water before your meal. Substitute pop/processed juice with soda water infused with fresh fruit.

4) Never arrive hungry, and don't eat light all day just so you can eat everything at the party. Pace yourself.

5) Incorporate physical activity at your gatherings. Spend quality time with your friends and family after a meal by going for a walk — or run around and have a snowball fight! Go sledding, skating, snowboarding, whatever . . .