Jim Flaherty
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Flaherty’s pension plans have few fans

It appears that the provinces – especially Ontario – are none too happy with Jim Flaherty’s pension announcement last week. The finance ministers are meeting in Kananaskis later today, and the topic is likely to be discussed there.

Stephen Harper totally promises not to provoke an election next year. Because he’s always been true to his word.

Michaëlle Jean has begun her role as special envoy to Haiti, and she talks about the challenges and opportunities there.

Michael Ignatieff sends a handwritten thanks to his Twitter followers. I believe this is definitely the handwriting of a university professor.

From the “I Get Mail” file is a householder from Paul Dewar, which outlines a short-on-details NDP plan to cut the five percent federal sales tax on home heating (what kind of home heating?), restore the ecoEnergy refit program and end tax subsidies to the oil and gas industry, and for possibly the first time ever, his response question on supporting their plan includes both a yes and a no checkbox.

And because I couldn’t resist, here is This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ “A Very Chantal Noel” – which was pretty awesome.

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