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Focus on the Family does not understand irony

All right, here’s a fun little game: play on the video below, and see how long it takes your bullshit-o-meter to blow a fuse.

That’s Focus on the Family, and they apparently have the self-awareness of one of those guys who thinks licking a lollipop is cute and sexy instead of weird and tinged with vaguely pedophilic overtones.

First: if you’re the majority and in control of everything, you cannot complain that you are being marginalized.

Second: really? The white, Christian, “straight” and (judging from the video here) mostly male group is going to complain about being called names? Hate to say it, but as a white, Christian male, trust me that there’s really not much you can call us. Go ahead, try to come up with one. You can’t.

Third: if you spend all your time spreading hate, do not be surprised when it turns back on you. Yes, you’re allowed to say whatever you want, but we also have the right to answer back. Some of us will call you out for clumsily disguising a hate group under more euphemistic terms in order to appeal to the basest of thinkers out there, and some of us will say that you’re a bunch of Nazi-Hitlers, because Godwin’s law is hilarious.  

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