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Foo Fighters roll over Westboro Baptist hate protesters

BY ROB SALERNO – As we reported last week, the rock group Foo Fighters raised the ire of the hillbilly racist caricatures at the Westboro Baptist Church when they released their promotional video “Hot Buns,” which featured members of the band in a mock gay softcore shower scene set to the Queen hit “Body Language.” The Westboro Baptists — a church of about 70 people, most of whom are blood relatives of their leader Fred Phelps — called for a massive protest against their show in Topeka, Kansas, this past Friday, which the Foos said they were looking forward to.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, the WBC is known for its extreme views against not just homosexuals, but everyone who isn’t one of their 70 or so members. But it’s their hatred for homosexuals that gets most of the press. They rose to prominence in 1998 when they protested at the funeral of gaybashing victim Matthew Shepard and created the website They earned the moniker of The Most Hated Family in America when they began protesting at the funerals of fallen US soldiers, claiming that soldier deaths were God’s punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality. They’ve also targeted Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Italians and Barack Obama.  

The Foos were certainly ready for a confrontation, and they called on their fans to counter-protest the WBC. As a special treat, the Foos rolled up to the protest on a flatbed truck and called for respect and tolerance, before launching into their own song, “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns),” an ode to “rubbin’ and a-lovin’” and “some hot man-muffins."

As Foos lead singer Dave Grohl told the crowd, “I don’t care if you’re black or white or purple or green, whether
you’re Pennsylvanian or Transylvanian, Lady Gaga or Lady Antebellum, it
takes all kinds! Men loving women, and women loving men, and men loving
men, and women loving women."

Let’s hear it for slapping down those bigots with a positive and entertaining message.

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