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For Ian, it’s “kings, queens and in-between.”

“It's a whole performance not just
drag, it's just not about 'look at me ! Guess my gender!'”


Ian Poe Kerr is not just a drag artist.
He works in IT, too. “I work with a lot of guys, and some of my
coworkers give me their clothing.”

Duke of Drag is putting a special
two-part show on Friday and Saturday, the latter also being a Meow

He's swank, sexy and cool. And
he's doing it for the ladies. “At the time i was single, and i was
trying to figure out ways to meet women.” Did it work?

“I've always been pretty good at
small talk so I'm not sure I met more "ladies" than I would
have otherwise. More importantly, however, I met an absolutely
fabulous super cute woman who is now my girlfriend.”

Ian Poe Kerr will be at the door
greeting people before the show. Come say hi! Sala Rossa, 19, 20 Feb. Doors are at 9:30 pm.  More info: Duke of Drag.

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