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Ford broke campaign spending rules, could face dismissal (AGAIN)

Hey, so remember last week when Ford was allowed to remain in office after an appeal ruled in his favour over his conflict-of-interest case? Well, an audit has just found that Ford broke campaign finance rules during his 2010 campaign, and now he might end up getting ousted from office. Again. At this rate, we can all look forward to next week, when Ford will be back in court for punching a kitten in the mouth.

"In our opinion, the candidate’s campaign expenses … exceeded the authorized limit by $40,168,” said the report from the three-person audit panel. It means Ford is in an apparent contravention of the Municipal Elections Act.

Ford ran a $1.3 million campaign — but was challenged over money loaned to his campaign by his family company, Deco Labels. The auditors found that the $77,000 loaned by Deco broke the rules because the campaign did not pay interest on the loan. The audit also found a number of other violations of the Act. [SOURCE]

All right, I’ll lend some credence to his fan base here: I get why you might like the guy. He sounds like he would be a lot of fun at a party, assuming you avoided any talk of politics and he kept away from the liquor. That being said, being fun at a party does not a mayor make. You know who I want as mayor of Toronto? Someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing.

I’m not calling Ford ignorant based on my own judgment here either: I’m calling him ignorant because that was his defence during his conflict-of-interest case. Democracy isn’t supposed to be based on who you’d like to have a beer with; it’s supposed to be about who, out of a pool of assholes, is the most competent and least asshole-ish. Otherwise, we end up with this dumb A-hole.

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