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Foreskin Awareness

You know what’s weird? I got an email tip in my inbox today about Foreskin Awareness, and it’s still probably the least crazy tip I’ve received from my blog readers.

Anyway, true story about foreskin: my penis (Did I mention I’m a professional blogger? BECAUSE I AM) is cut. So sadly, no foreskin. But growing up, I had a friend who showed me his foreskin, to which my immediate response was “Huh . . . well that’s weird. Wanna play Super Smash Bros?” And then we did because that game was the shit. And then I didn’t see foreskin up close and personal again until I was an adult and was capable of doing adult things with uncut penises.

Anyway, there’s good news if you’re a fan of foreskin and want to know how best to have fun with it: the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (Or Can-FAP for sho- Oh, hey, I just got that!) is coming to Toronto for Pride and will be featured in a booth during the street festival! Here’s the press release:  

Canada’s foreskins are as mad as hell, and they’re not going to take this anymore. 

That’s the message of the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project, Canada’s feistiest pro-foreskin advocacy group. CAN-FAP promotes foreskin education, appreciation and stimulation, and advocates for the human right of all children — male, female, and intersex— to grow up with intact genitals. “32 years after the Canadian Paediatric Society confirmed that infant circumcision is medically unnecessary, parents continue to violate the bodies and rights of their sons with circumcision,” states CAN-FAP founder Glen Callender. “And most do it because they believe the foreskin is ‘dirty’ and ‘abnormal’. It’s pure ignorance, and clearly, something drastic needs to be done.”

So Callender created Foreskin Awareness Booth, a guerrilla tent show in which he demonstrates his foreskin to the public. In a short educational-comedy anatomy lesson he describes as “like Puppetry of the Penis, but political,” Callender answers such common questions as “What is foreskin?” “Is foreskin difficult to clean?” and “What shocking and hilarious things can you do with a foreskin and a handful of red seedless grapes?” It’s an unforgettable show that never fails to get people talking about the value of foreskin, the harm of circumcision, and the human rights of baby boys.

Foreskin Awareness Booth will appear at the Pride Toronto Street Fair from June 29 – July 1. See for performance times. Be there, or be foreskin-unaware! 

I, too, would like to know how a human can combine foreskin and grapes to create fun and whimsy. Unless it involves turning those grapes into raisins, because ew. FUCKING EW. Seriously, raisins are the worst and they are weird and unnatural.

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