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Former Playboy Bunnies photographed in their golden years

Few uniforms are as iconic as those of the Playboy Bunnies, the showgirl-esque waitresses who kept Playboy clubs running. Now, decades after the clubs’ closing, photographer Robyn Twomey has released a series of portraits showing former Bunnies in their golden years.

[Robyn Twomey/ via Bust magazine]

According to Bust, Twomey found Bunnies and models from all over North America and had them sit for a portraiture setting. The results are stunning, to say the least, showing a mix of classic beauty and edginess.

It also offers the opportunity to address the subject of sexuality and ageism. As Michelle Beiter notes, “Are we not all going to be old one day? And when we do get old, will we fondly nod our heads when someone says to us ‘Man, you were a babe back in your prime’? It’s a backhanded compliment that invalidates how people might feel about themselves in the current moment, which very well could be more babely than they’ve ever felt before.”

I’ve always maintained that sexuality and attractiveness has more than one definition and that everybody is hot to somebody out there. It’s good to see these Bunnies can bring the va-va-voom no matter what age they are.