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Four years of Sodom

Toronto's favourite freak show still partying after all these years

Sailors will wash ashore at Sodom. Credit: Mitchel Raphael

“Any club event that survives even one year is a miracle,” says Sodom head honcho Mitchel Raphael.

It isn’t an act of god that has allowed Sodom to mark its fourth anniversary this month, celebrating with its first-ever Swimsuit party. The hard work and passion behind the event is palpable — and this time involves giant tiki masks, colourful surfboards and a glittery, oversized Sebastian the Crab.

“I think because it’s the only party that is truly an eclectic mix,” Raphael says, deconstructing Sodom’s success. “Because of the people involved in it, and because of Club120 — it’s become something of a melting pot.

“We never claim to be something — we’re part of the continuum of Party Monster, the club kid, the Warhol Factory . . . whether it’s in vogue or not. We’re not claiming to do something new, but something in the tradition of that kind of hyper-camp aesthetic.”

Going strong at four years, Sodom is known for delivering show-stopping spectacles, including creating a giant, bleeding heart in the middle of the room or having Margaret Atwood beat Rob Ford with a book (not the real Ford and Atwood, sadly). “At Sodom, you’re going to walk out knowing you had a good time. You need to give yourself 15 minutes just to walk around to see everything — it’s like going to Disneyland to get to all the sections. We’re not doing our job if you’re not having a good time as soon as you walk in the door.”

As for the fast-approaching Swimsuit party, Raphael promises there will be a surprise for revellers. “I won’t give you the full details,” he says, “but we will be making a big statement on Russia. A big part of the show will be taking on Putin. But it’ll be a big Sodom spectacle.”