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Fourteen-year-old Russian girl punished under anti-gay propaganda law

Russia’s anti-gay-propaganda law may operate squarely on the intersection of paranoia and illogic, but it’s been able to get away with it thanks to one strategic lie: the law protects children from being recruited into gayness! That’s not actually a thing that happens, but if you say it enough people will believe it.

But as it turns out, the law actually harms kids too. A 14-year-old Russian lesbian has been punished for “promoting homosexuality” after she defended herself against her country’s homophobic climate.

According to Gay Star News, after announcing her orientation in public, “the student was found guilty of ‘systematically disseminating information directed to the formation of distorted ideas about social equality among traditional and non-traditional sexual relations.’” Or in simpler terms, they don’t like the idea of openly gay people, so she got punished.

The incident will also reportedly be put on her criminal record. So yeah, the law meant to “protect minors” just gave a 14-year-old girl a criminal record just for being a lesbian. Well done, everyone.

Look, let’s be honest here: if you’re worried that gay guys are trying to recruit your kids? Don’t be. Chances are, your kids probably suck anyway. But the truth here is that if you really want to protect your kids, talk to them. Discuss with them the things they see and experience. Don’t punish them for expressing themselves, because you’re just going to end up with a generation of psychologically ruined kids.