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Francois Sagat: Muscle stud, big butt

Francois Sagat's career is branching out in all kinds of unusual directions.

My absolute favourite pornstar of all time is officially Francois Sagat. Born to Arab parents in France, this muscular, furry guy with a super-fat, curved, uncut cock began his US porn career in 2006 in the Raging Stallion movie Arabesque. His debut scene with Huessein is a must-see. Set in some sort of Arabic castle, the two rugged guys bathe each other with washcloths and then fuck.

Sagat is passionate about fashion and drawing but was drawn to the adult film industry after working as a “slave assistant” in Parisian fashion houses. Check out his original blog at (which he maintained until May 2009) to see his artistic side: self-produced short films, sketches, paintings and behind-the-scenes shots from his non-porn film work, most notably the Bruce LaBruce movie LA Zombie, in which he has a starring role.

Sagat’s blog always fascinated me, because he communicates more with images than words, to the point where I’ve wondered if he even speaks English. I’ve seen dozens of his films, and I still have never heard him say a word. There is something appealing about his muteness — he’s all seriousness and intensity, rarely even breaking a smile.

While he has performed as both a top and a bottom, he’s an incredible bottom. His gigantic muscular ass demands attention, and the way he looks back at the top while getting pounded is beautiful.

Other favourite scenes that caused my addiction to all things Francois: his appearance in Collin O’Neal’s movie World of Men: Lebanon. Arabesque was a staged Arab fantasy movie with high-budget sets and a mix of Latino and white guys posing as Arabic dudes, but World of Men: Lebanon was shot entirely on location in Lebanon. Francois Sagat’s outdoor sex scene in a bombed-out building is fucking hot.

Sagat is a huge porn superstar. The number of guys online who have mimicked his distinctive hairline tattoo blows me away. He is a champion for safer sex education, and he’s being used more and more in mainstream fashion shoots (while keeping his pornstar reputation intact.) Sagat even lived in Toronto for six months while filming the horror movie Saw VI.  He gets hotter and hotter as he ages, and I can’t wait to see what he’s up to in five years.