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The Girl Bunnies. Hockey is a short by local filmmaker Francoise Doherty–the second in the stop-motion animated adventure series of homo-girl-rabbit-world. It screens tonight at image+nation (@Laika, 4040 St-Laurent).

  1. Were you ever a hockey gal? Puck Bunny?
    I never made puck bunny status because I spent too much time in the snow or on the ice. I’m more into misfit hockey. I love to skate, I really like sticks and I’ll play with anyone who isn’t very good.

  2. Is this something you made with your kids in mind?
    Yes and no. My films usually start with the music and as a songwriter I only compose when it comes out on it's own. So the songs are intimate, they’re about me, but they end directing the narrative. I know a song will work when I hear my kids singing it with their friends. In the end, I love seeing my kids laugh and smile so when I designed the sets and the characters for this episode, (The Girl Bunnies. Hockey), I thought of the shapes, movement and voices that could catch their attention. When I’m in the later stages of post-production, I’ll watch my daughters watch the film. Kids are amazing critics because they’re so vocal and physical in their reactions. I know right away if they love something or if they’re bored. When I shoot the images I think about light, how it directs our eye and our mind … but mostly I think about how we watch the person we’re falling for.

  3. If you could say one brief thing about your intention–what do you hope people will gain from your bunny shorts?
    That being gay is about the heart. (ed's note: OOPS. my heart just melted. srsly).

  4. What's next for Ms Doherty?
    More Bunnies! I just wrote a new song with a story that I really like. But now I have to find a rabbit-sized chainsaw. The first episode (
    Les Lapines) is still touring internationally and doing well. It’s being distributed through Frameline out of San Francisco.

  5. How can people reach you?

  6. Can I friend you on Facebook?
    Oui! Now that I officially have a series, the
    Girl Bunnies needs a Facebook account. (The trailer and Facebook will be online by mid November).

  7. Who was your favourite student at Concordia when I took your class?
    Lina is this a trick question? (
    ed's note: your non-answer only confirms your appreciation of me as the belligerent chip-on-shoulder kind of Communications student I was. Thanks for teaching me my 1st video class. My favourite part was when I learned about breaking the 4th wall!).

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