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Francophones doing it for themselves

Tired of getting nothing but static back from Tony Clement and others on the census issue, a number of francophone organizations have banded together to get a court injunction to stop the new Harper government policy, which they hope will restore the old mandatory long-form census. Hopefully those dozens of other organizations will speak up and add their names to this as well. The only problem with this approach? That it’s just all the more fuel for the next round of attacks against “liberal” and “activist” judges who are trying to thwart the Conservative agenda.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson held a press conference to say that he was getting tough on organized crime – but as xtra.ca readers already know, this is a problematic proposition. Nicholson also wants everyone to remember to report crime so that we can get accurate statistics on it. Err, just when they’re gutting the census so that this government can have less accurate data to work with. Naturally.

Meanwhile, Maclean’s continues to pick apart Stockwell Day’s assertions on crime in this country, this time about home invasions.

The provincial premiers and the Assembly of First Nations are talking about aboriginal education.

And on the lighter side, check out Scott Feschuck’s mailbag this week for the Tim Horton’s-related political analysis of the week.
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