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Frank Ocean vs Chris Brown

Earning the moral high ground against Chris Brown isn’t exactly all that hard, considering the guy is a fucking wife-beater, and — actually, you know what? That wasn’t fair. He was never married to Rihanna; I should have called him a “girlfriend-beater.” I’m sorry. He was charged with felony assault is what I’m saying.

But in case you were worried his general awfulness as a human being is strictly limited to abusing women he’s dating, no! There’s so much more! He’s also totally homophobic, as he demonstrated in his response to Frank Ocean’s coming out. And in case you’re wondering: why yes, Chris Brown does display all the tact and grace of an erection at a funeral home.

While leaving Gotha nightclub in Cannes, Chris Brown had some choice words for a paparazzi who asked him about R&B Crooner Frank Ocean. While entering his vehicle Chris was asked about Frank Ocean, to which Brown responded “Man, no homo!” The phrase “no homo” has been immortalized in hip hop culture meaning a rejection of anything that could be deemed as homosexual. Ocean recently informed his fans that he was gay which has since shook [sic] the Hip Hop community making Ocean and [sic] polarized figure. (via PRLog)

And from NewNowNext comes this video of Chris Brown’s cousins being sent to chase down Frank Ocean. Yeah, I know, what a lovely little peach this Chris Brown fella must be. A rational and mature person like him must be extra super special talented and everything. 

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