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French Elle wants ‘mariage pour toutes!’

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but there are currently a shitload of people in France trying to ensure that gay marriage never happens, and their main course of action is apparently . . . avant-garde theatre, I want to call this? Seriously, one of those guys was dressed as a baby. Really? I guess they figured that nothing chaps a gay man’s ass like colourful theatrics!

Anyway, as a rebuttal of sorts, France’s version of Elle magazine decided to run a very beautiful and tasteful cover story, featuring two female models posing as a married lesbian couple. Behold!

The good news: a major magazine in France endorsed marriage equality in the midst of a massive (if somewhat bonkers) marriage debate. The bad news: our marriages will never be that impossibly chic. Way to set the bar too high, Elle

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