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French protests, gay betrayal and trans breast cancer

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French protesters march against equal marriage

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris on Sunday to demand the repeal of same-sex marriage in France, as well as to oppose assisted reproduction and surrogacy. France is six months out from a national election.

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When trans men get breast cancer

While trans medicine has bounded forward in recent years, dangerous gaps still for remain. One, reports the New York Times, is when trans men get breast cancer, and doctors accustomed to a highly gendered disease don’t know what to do.

Why bisexuality is growing

At the Independent, social scientist Megan Todd looks at why recent UK statistics show bisexuality among women growing rapidly. It’s not that more women are having sex with women, she says, but rather the way young people label their sexuality has shifted.

Peter Thiel and what it means to be gay

At The Advocate, Jim Downs argues that just wanting to have sex with people of the same gender doesn’t make you gay. Instead, he says, being gay is a cultural identity, and one that conservative gay men like billionaire Republican Peter Thiel have rejected.