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Fresh faces video roundup

Today a selection of videos, some inspirational, some not so much.  

When I think back on my own life I wish I had been more like SomeoneToShoutFor when I was his age. That's him on the right. He's got dozens of video blog entries on his YouTube channel. Check them out. 

So many of us, gay or not, were like this young guy: frustrated, tormented, teased and without the tools to handle it. I feel so bad for him. 

But really, is it any wonder when this is what young kids are taught sometimes? Get 'em young, right?

And they see this kind of thing on televison every day. They learn that the moral propriety of same-sex love and sex is something to be debated. That you can lead a better life if only you can pray the gay away. 

There are really amazing, constructive and compelling depictions of gay lives on TV, like my favourite scene from Six Feet Under. It's just a shame that this kind of work is relegated to after-dark cable.

But so many gay kids are well-supported – smart enough and centred enough – to see through all the crap. Like this one… 

And this one… 


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