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FriGay the 13th

As if they haven't made a porno called FriGay the 13th! Who wouldn't want to see some twink getting plowed by a stud wearing a Jason mask? With what Xtra pays me, I'd even consider being said twink. Oh, who am I kidding… throw in a Freddy Krueger for some tag-team action, and I'd do it for free.

Why you ask, is 13 such an unlucky number? Well, there are several theories, but one of the oldest stems from the most famous dead man in the world, and no, I'm not talking about Michael Jackson and all the 13-year-olds he fucked. Z-z-zing! I'm referring to Jesus (Jesus Christ, not Madonna's former toy-boy, although I do like imagining him with a 13-inch cock). There were 13 guests at the Last Supper, and the 13th was the betrayer of all betrayers – the one Gaga clings to – Judas!

To get you in the mood for this cryptic day and for FriGay the 13th at Oasis tonight, check out Lady Gaga performing "Judas" at the Cannes Film Festival (below).

And to those of you who own a mask and camcorder, when should I come over? 

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