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From Beginning to End

Last week the Tweet-master for re-tweeted a message he got from one of's followers. To be honest, I don't post a lot of challenging material here. It's a personal thing – my time in university was too serious, life is short, wouldn't you rather laugh than anything else, etc…

Anyway, here is the link I received on Twitter. The trailer for From Beginning to End (a film by Aluizio Abranche) has now been pulled from that site. So here it is as found on YouTube:

I'm not sure what to think. Which I've always believe to be evidence of art.
This also reminded me a lot of one of the selections at last year's festival called XXY.
In any case, I did write Amber Dawn at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and ask that she include From Beginning to End in this year's programming. She never got back to me, but who knows…