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From bloodsuckers…to just suckers

Alirght, after many days of fighting I've officially succumbed to whatever is going around. Take that however you want to. I also have succumbed to Perez Hilton after years of denial because someone sent me the following porno cover:

And this is pretty fresh after a whole load of Twighlight fans coming out to me from a dark night closet. To be honest, vampire teeth are about as sexy as braces and in mind, Twighlight is what Interview with the Vampire was in the 90s…no thanks.

In other news, my sister Shannon sent me the following blog link about a certain East Van Meat Shop (finally) closing its doors (hope you never shopped there)…

Save On
Meats is dead

After March 14th it is. That was my very first
job back n in 1987. Minimum wage back then was $4/hour. It was one of the worst
jobs I've ever had. Owner's son Dan was a total prick and hell to work for,
harassing the female staff. It got really gross after I got moved upstairs to
deli processing. Some of the things I had to do were:

Scrape expiry dates
of of pre-packaged deli meats
Cut mold off 40 pound blocks of cheese. of
which maybe 10 pounds of it was mold free.
Power wash mold off large
cut mould off of lamb shoulders (are we sensing a theme

Eventually they laid me off, never entirely sure why as I was I
thought doing a decent job but hey, it put me out of my misery.

Good bye
Save on Meats. I won't miss you.