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From ‘Ocean Blue’ to ‘My Prairie Home’

Musician Rae Spoon gets around

This is the year of Rae Spoon. The Alberta-born singer/songwriter has been busy and has been gaining wider public attention — and not only in their music career (Spoon prefers the gender-neutral pronoun “they").

In 2012, the release of Spoon’s seventh album, I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets, followed by a collection of autobiographical short stories, First Spring Grass Fire (nominated for a Lambda Literary Award), was only the start of this wider recognition. They also toured all over the continent with writer/performer Ivan Coyote with their music-infused two-parter reading series, Gender Failure. Now, Spoon is on the cover of NOW magazine, with Spoon speaking about their new album and a documentary about their childhood home, both titled My Prairie Home.

Their seductive Death in Venice–inspired music video for “Ocean Blue” was a major highlight from I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets, and one of my most listened-to songs of 2012, so I’m looking forward to the year of Rae Spoon ahead!