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From roast beef to burgers

Burgers on Main opens location near gay village

The Village location is the second for Burgers on Main.
A new burger joint has opened a location near the new gay village, and its owner has high hopes for business in the changing neighbourhood.
Burgers on Main takes the spot of Friday’s Roast Beef House, which closed last year. Jonathan Crow says that Burgers on Main will add something different.
“Friday’s was very high end, and we’re not,” he says. “We are just very good quality product put out for a reasonable price.”
Crow chose the area due to past ties. “I always loved that part of town. I used to live down there. Then when Friday’s closed down and the spot came up, I thought, I love the building and I love the village, so I decided I would give it a shot.”
He describes the style of the restaurant as “a little quirky: ’50s, ’60s, ’70s kind of music style. There’s lots of music posters everywhere of the Rat Pack, Elvis, the Beatles and a couple of knickknacks here and there.
“It’s relatively light and vibrant. It’s not diner style. We just want a fun place where people can come and have a good time.”
As well as a retro vibe inside, the restaurant will have a patio customers can enjoy during the warmer months.
The restaurant has a bar with drink specials, featuring spiked, x-rated milkshakes.
For those who are not burger fans, Crow reassures that there is much more. “We do burgers, we do hot dogs, we have a few salads, plus daily specials. There are definitely options for people who do not want to have a burger.”