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Credit: Ashlea Wessel

Thumbs Up – The Church St site now extends all the way north to Bloor, giving the drag stage the prominence it deserves and giving partygoers more room to move. Much better flow! The Town Inn Suites lawn was a green-space godsend. The food-court-like cluster of vendors up near Bloor was also smart; no one wants their ex to see them nibbling corn on a stick.

Thumbs Down – It looked suspiciously like most of the racy parade entries were placed toward the back of the parade, so that only die-hard spectators (particularly those without children) would see them. Of course, that defeats the purpose of displaying our whole sexually charged community to predominantly straight crowds. If they don’t like cocks, boobs and leather, they can stay home.

Thumbs Up – Cheers to the parade and march marshals, St John’s Ambulance crews and other volunteers. Who would do this job?

Thumbs Down – Unions, church groups and politicians seem to think that merely marching is support enough. It’s not. They need to dress up and get outrageous. It’s hard work watching that parade, so if you’re not going to be fabulous, just send us a cheque and don’t waste our time.

Thumbs Up – Carole Pope and Rough Trade still rock.

Thumbs Down – No misting tent this year? We could have used one.

Thumbs Up – Helios the sun god.

Thumbs Down – Somebody is missing a great opportunity on Church St on Pride Friday. Thousands of people with nothing to do except look despairingly at huge lineups for bars and the south and central Pride stages. Buskers? Food stalls? Streaking? Shows on the patios? Shouldn’t Pride or the local business association be capitalizing?