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From the Speakers

DJ Mark DeMarko presents his top 10 tracks of the moment

Credit: Darryl Mabey

Hometown: New York City

Bio: Mark DeMarko’s career began 30 years ago as DJ DeMarko. His Tom of Finland parties cemented him in the gay club scene, eventually bringing him gigs at Montreal’s Black & Blue and Germany’s Hustlaball. Groomed by Manny Lehman, Tony Moran, Junior Vasquez and Peter Rauhofer, he landed a spot at the coveted Dance the Pier 20th-anniversary Pride event in NYC. He made the Billboard Top 10 Dance Chart with “Drop a House” in 2009.  After releasing three compilations and working with Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Ultra Nate and Samantha Fox, he took a three-year hiatus. He’s now back, better, stronger and harder than ever and ready to take the club world by storm all over again.

1. Nick Bertosssi – “Travestido” (Original Mix) 

Years ago, when we heard a track that made a group of us just get up and start grinding . . . that’s what this track makes me wanna do . . . close my eyes and grrrrrind!

2. Nicole Moudaber “One Day Later” 

I have become obsessed with everything Nicole has made. She’s had much success on her own, and Victor Calderone and Chris Cox idolize her every bit as much as I do. Love some girl-power DJ that can bring the boys to their knees on a dancefloor, gay or straight. I never miss her when she’s spinning at Stereo in Montreal.

3. Roach Motel “Wild Luv (DJ Pierre Wild Pitch Mix)

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw DJ Pierre had released new 2014 mixes of this classic 1994 track. The Original and the Superchumbo mix have been staples in my sets from the beginning. All three are unique mixes and timeless.

4. Perc “Pure & Simple (Ben Sims Warehouse Mix)”

This is one of these chunky tracks you’d hear at an underground after-hours party. It’s not just “filler” — it’s a floor filler!

5. Kylie Minogue “I Was Gonna Cancel” (Rene Amesz Mix) 

You don’t get to hear too many tracks by mainstream vocalists, like Kylie, sounding underground. Unless you harken back to the NYC Twilo days where Junior Vasquez, Razor N Guido or DJ Escape were churning out tracks. But putting her together with Rene Amesz was something I never could have imagined. Perfect to break up a night of monotony. Beats, rhythms, grooves and one bad-ass remix for a late-night vocal . . . pure after-hours gold.

6. Oscar L “Bad” 

This track snuck up on me . . . there was nothing special about it, but then I heard it once again at Stereo in Montreal and it grew on me . . . early-night track to get the floor going.

7. D Formation, featuring Florence Toulios “Izan” 

This is one of those haunting tracks that once it enters your mind, it won’t let go. Dark and percussive with a seductive voice that will make you feel sexy once you close your eyes.

8. Gary Beck “Say What” (Adam Beyer Mix) 

Amazing track! First time I heard it Honey Dijon played it, and when those synth horns (what I can only describe as the “key notes from Close Encounters”) come in . . . you anxiously wait for it to come in again, though it is sparsely used. Make this track the hit that it is!

9. Ronald Rossenouff “Bounce” 

This has that “big room sound” so many DJs live for at circuit events. Complete with breakdown, a great synth and build-up to work the room into a manic frenzy.

10. Franco De Mulero “The Getho”

There’s nothing like a good remake. This one blends an old classic David Morales track, “In the Ghetto,” updated perfectly for today’s dancefloor.