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From the speakers

DJ Alain Plamondon presents his top-10 tracks of the moment

From the Speakers - DJ Alain Plamondon Credit: Darryl Mabey

Featured DJ: DJ Alain Plamondon

Hometown: Toronto

Bio: DJ Alain Plamondon has been A DJ in Toronto's gay scene for over 26 years. He has had residencies at the clubs/bars; Komrads, Bar 1, Boots Warehouse, Fly, The Barn, Zipperz/Cellblock, Fuzion/The Vic, Alibi and Woodys. He spins the best in dance music, dance anthems, house, tribal, electro and recently celebrated  the 14th anniversary of Zipperz/Cellblock's Retro Drama Sunday Dance Party, which he launched in 1999.

1. Robin S. – “Show me Love

This is Stonebridge's most enduring '90s diva house anthem! It never fails to get a reaction from the dancefloor.

2. New Order – "Bizarre Love Triangle"

One of the best remixes from Shep Pettibone. Flawless from intro til the end.

3. The Sugar Hill Gang – "Rappers Delight"

The first commercially successful rap song that samples Chic's "Good Times" is still a classic old school jam after all these years.

4. Madonna – "Vogue"

Another Shep Pettibone classic. Shep wrote and produced this one with Madonna. Vogue was originally planned as a B side to accompany "Keep It Together," but Madonna's manger disagreed.

5. Pet Shop Boys – "Always On My Mind"

Another flawless remix from the 1980's. The Andy Richards mix is heavenly.

6. Donna Summer – "I feel Love"

No other mix can match the feel of Patrick Cowley's 1982 remix. Classic Donna!

7. Blackbox – "Ride On Time"

This classic house track gets a boost from the sampling of Loleata Holloways's diva vocals sampled from her classic "Love Sensation." Never fails to work up the crowd.

8. Michael Jackson – "Beat it"

Classic Michael Jackson/Quincy Jones production.

9. Whitney Houston – "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"

This dance anthem is the perfect "I want to do that dance of life with someone special" song.

10. Company B – "Fascinated"

Another flawless track. Perfect from intro to outro. The best example of "Freestyle."