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From the Speakers

DJ Kris Steeves presents his top-10 tracks of the moment

DJ Kris Steeves presents his top-10 tracks of the moment. Credit: Darryl Mabey

Featured DJ:  Kris Steeves

Hometown:  Toronto

Bio:  Originally hailing from Montreal, this 10-year veteran has appeared all over Toronto with his eclectic mix of tech house, nu disco and pop. He's one of the founding DJs of both the Eva Christina Presents and the West End Boys parties, and this month marks his sixth anniversary DJing at the west-end haunt The Beaver.

1.  Avicii — "You Make Me"

Forget the hokey, hillbilly house song "Wake Me Up" from Avicii's True album.  Skip to #2 on the record for something truly special.

2.  Katy B "5 AM

British import Katy B gets a little darker and dancier with her latest single. In my opinion, it's her best yet. She's giving me flashbacks of Cathy Dennis in this video.

3.  Disclosure "Confess to Me" (featuring Jessie Ware) 

This is my favourite track from Disclosure's amazing Settle album. I've been playing it for six months now and I'm still not tired of it. Both Disclosure and Jessie Ware have shows in the coming months in Toronto. I urge you not to miss either.

4.  Goldroom "Embrace

There's a ton of great underground music coming out of LA right now. This synthy treasure is a good example. Mereki Beach, the lead singer, truly has an angelic voice. If you like this, try "Fifteen" for something more down-tempo.

5.  Kove "Love for You

Kove, the 22-year-old drum-and-bass prodigy, releases his first house number and it's bangin'. Makes me wanna go all Miley on MTV.

6.  Anna Lunoe "Breathe"

This Aussie has taken LA's house-music scene by storm. It's nice to see a lady in a music production world that's so heavily male-dominated.     

7.  Katy Perry "Walking on Air"

From Katy Perry's new Prism album comes a truly 1990s-inspired gay anthem (and currently my guilty pleasure).

8.  Pet Shop Boys "Inside a Dream"

The Electric album, co-produced by Stuart Price, is possibly one of their best. The baseline in this track is sickening. These dudes have still got it.

9.  Peter & The Magician "On My Brain" (featuring Sophie Galpin) 

Anything The Magician touches turns to gold. This is some serious David Copperfield shit.

10.  Touch Sensitive "Pizza Guy" (Emoh Instead Remix) 

The original of this is very cute. This remix takes it to another level. Light up, take a bath and put this on repeat. You'll thank me later.