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From the Speakers

Deko-ze presents his top-10 tracks of the moment

Here at Xtra, we want to make sure our readers are constantly dancefloor ready. That’s why DJ Deko-ze will present From the Speakers, a biweekly music column featuring well- and not-so-well-known DJs and their choice music of the moment. Enjoy responsibly.

Featured DJ: Deko-ze
Hometown: Toronto
Bio: Deko-ze is one of Canada's top DJs and is resident at Guvernment, Fly, Footwork, Comfort Zone (Toronto) and Hush (Victoria). He is the co-owner of the Jungle Funk label and has releases on Deported, KULT, Pacha, Hotbox Digital, Coraza, Magma and more. He loves Skor-bar cheesecake; big, hairy muscle dads; and big, hairy muscle dads holding puppies.  

1. Deko-ze: My Shoe

Everyone knows at least one messy queen, and if you don't, you are that messy queen. This little slice of cunt-tech (thanks for the term, Chez) is for you.  

2. Shapeshifters: Incredible, Full Intention Mix (Nocturnal Groove)
Ever since "Lola's Theme," I've been following everything these guys have been doing. The 2006 Mark Knight mix was a massive anthem, but the new full-intention mix is a bouncy, uplifting version that sends waves of happiness through every dancefloor.

3. DJ Ferry & Ricardo Espino: Lapsus, Deko-ze remix (Shibiza)
My tech-house mix of this deep track is coming out soon on the excellent Shibiza label.

4. Chus & Ceballos: Low Frequencies, Nick Bertossi remix (Boot)
Bertossi is Canada's fastest-rising gay DJ/producer this year, and this remix is just one more reason why.

5. J Paul Getto: Love Today (Z Records)
This is the sort of shiny glitterball house that could have come out yesterday or in 2001. Timeless! This went over like a dream during Pride.

6. Jerome Robins vs Deko-ze: Real Talk, Carlos Manaca remixes (Magna)
One of my all-time favourite tribal-tech producers has taken mine and Jerome's chugger and has given it two swift kicks in the backside in the form of a dark rolling mix and a deeper tech mix.

7. Pet Shop Boys: Vocal (x2)
Three decades on and the PSB still deliver. Their latest track has something for everyone: there is enough pop for the twinks, shade for the emo kids in the flashmob mix, deep with a little edge for the 4am headz in cucharachas mix, and full runway realness in the Ivan Gomez and Nacho Chapado remix!

8. Slideback: Summerbreeze (pornostar)
Sexy and bouncy summertime anthem!  

9. Jerome Robins, D-unity & Corey Andrew: Hard Werq (play)
She ain't no Sweet Pussy Pauline, but it's still getting the girls twirling.

10. Bryan Ferry: Don't Stop the Dance, Psychemagik remix (Virgin Records)
I’m often leery of remixes of classic '80s tracks, but, thankfully, this batch is very respectful. 

Old-school battle weapon:

Black Box: Ride on Time (Disco Magic), 1989
Ahem. There is sampling . . . and then there is full-on theft. Italian producers Black Box nicked from Loleatta Holloway's classic "Love Sensation" to create "Ride on Time." After her label found out, Black Box removed Loleatta's vocals and replaced her with Heather Small from M People — who also wasn't credited. They also used the inimitable Martha Wash on the rest of the entire Dreamland album and didn't give her any credit. They then used a hot French model to lip-sync in their videos instead of the large black women who were the real singers. True shade. On the plus side, “Ride on Time” was an international #1, knocked that wretched jive bunny song off the top spot in the UK, is one of the biggest house tracks of all time, and still sounds great today.  

Catch Deko-ze:

Fri, July 19 at Comfort Zone, 480 Spadina Ave
Sat, July 20 at Aria, 108 Peter St
Sun, July 21 at Activate/Dirty Cycle Boat Cruise, on the River Gambler
Fri, July 26 at Eglinton Theatre, 2300 Yonge St
Sat, July 27 at Cache, 44 James St, Ste Catharines
Sun, July 28 at Comfort zone, 480 Spadina Ave



And be sure to check deko-ze.com for more information.

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