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From the Speakers

DJ Kevin Bailey presents his top-10 tracks of the moment

From the Speakers - DJ Kevin Bailey Credit: Darryl Mabey

Featured DJ: Kevin Bailey

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Bio: Born and raised in Kingsville, Ontario, Kevin Bailey relocated to Toronto in 2007. Thanks to Toronto’s rich and diverse club scene, a love affair with house music and DJing soon followed. In just a few short years, he has had the pleasure of spinning at a variety of events and clubs in the Toronto and Windsor/Detroit area. In Toronto, you can mostly catch him at Fly, Byzantium, The Spoke Club and Club120. The highlight of his 2013 was playing for a packed crowed at Pride Toronto’s Central Stage. In the future, Kevin hopes to start producing his own tracks and aspires to spin at clubs all over the globe.

1. DJ Fluid presents Omega – “Keep On (Chuck Love Top Coast Mix)” 

Soulful and sexy! This track works just about anywhere and has been a favourite of mine for years. Omega’s smooth vocals perfectly combined with Chuck Love’s unique blend of beats and instrumental grooves make this track catchy the first time you hear it.

2. Carlos Barbosa – “All Over Me (Original Mix)” 

House music is all about feeling good, and this is one of the best feel-good tracks I've ever had the pleasure to come across. You can’t help but sing along and put your hands in the air!

3. Franky Rizardo & Roul and Doors – “Elements (Original Mix)” (Revealed Recordings)

The hard-hitting triplet beats at the beginning of each measure in contrast with melodic synths give this track a great vibe. It’s dark and uplifting at the same time.

4. Elof de Neve – “Attitude featuring Michael G (Jackinsky Bad Attitude Mix)” (Festibalazo Records)

There was a lot of hype about this track after Circuit Festival in Barcelona this year. Montreal’s Alain Jackinsky is an amazing producer; everything he touches turns to gold.

5. Dave Kurtis – “Slide (Original Mix)” 

Germany's Dave Kurtis is one of my favourite producers. On more than one occasion a fellow DJ has rushed to the booth to grab the name of this track – that’s always a sign that it's a keeper.

6. My Digital Enemy & Jason Chance – “Feel It in the Air (Original Mix)

My Digital Enemy and Jason Chance, a few of the UK’s finest producers, have collaborated to create one of the most banging tracks of 2013. This track is the epitome of “peak hour.”

7. Robin S & Corey Gibbons – “At My Best (DJ Spider & Legaz Remix)” 

This is a perfect dancefloor warm-up track. You can't go wrong with a Robin S vocal, and this remix has a wicked tech-house groove to back it up.

8. Cherie Lily – “Body (Joshua D Remix)” 

Joshua D from LA has produced some great tracks this year; his remix of Cherie Lily’s “Body” is a prime example. This track is packed with attitude and will make you move.

9. Pete Rose & Dennis Verheugd – “Everybody Get On Up  (Club Mix)” 

I really enjoy the sampling of Linda Clifford’s spoken-word vocal in this track. The musical accompaniment truly does get everybody up dancing while she tells her story.

10. Victoria Beckham – “Not Such an Innocent Girl (Robbie Rivera's 3AM Dark Mix)” 

Most won’t believe this is Posh Spice. Robbie loops just a small sample of vocals from the original pop song and layers them over a dirty afterhours beat. The build-ups and drops in this genius remix are unbelievably electric and always get the crowd going.

Where you can catch DJ Kevin Bailey:

Sat, Jan 18, 1am, at Fly Nightclub, 8 Gloucester St. flynightclub.com

Fri, Jan 24, 11pm, and Fri, Jan 31, at Everyone I Knew in High School Has Kids Now ('90s night) at Byzantium, 499 Church St. byz.ca


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