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From the Speakers: Feb 16, 2015

DJ Neill MacLeod presents his top 10 tracks of the moment

Hometown: Toronto

Bio: Neill’s passion, energy and sexy beats have brought dance floors to life for over 15 years. Not only has he played Toronto’s top clubs and events (WorldPride, SIN, 5ive, The Barn, System Sound Bar, Fly, NV, Comfort Zone) but also in Montreal (Church, BBCM, Red Party, Stereo, Unity, Sky Pub and Parking Nightclub) LA (IML, Woofclub) and NYC (The Monster)!

Lula — I Want To (Suck The Melody) (Stereo Headz Mix)

One of my all time favorite tracks and female vocal artist, Lula’s voice just has something so haunting and sexy. I think I played this track in every set for a good few months when I first got it because it sets me off.

John Creamer and Stephane K, featuring Nkemdi — I Wish You Were Here (Angel Moraes Remix)

Okay, this sexy vocal always brings back memories of Stereo Nightclub in Montreal. I remember how that sweet voice would cut through the mysterious shadows — just a classic song and a naughty remix I can’t wait to play on a sweet system.

Olivier Giacomotto  — Back Down (Save The Robot Remix)

This dirty bigroom track gets me every time — Olivier Giacomotto is a master at tech house grooves. The sound strums on my eardrums with this filthy tech pulse and gritty horns . . . it just makes me wanna get up and down and back up again.

The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra, Lempo & Japwow — Leaders of Men (Will Gold Remix)

This track gets me off my seat with its playful bass line and a trumpet solo that takes the build-up to the top. I had to edit this for live trumpet performances in my sets — definitely a crowd pleaser!

Fatboy Slim and Riva Starr, featuring Beadryman — Get Naked (Carl Cox & Jon Rundell Remix)

This is my kind of dirty filthy tribal tech house. From the first beat to the last, this track just fills the room with a phat bass, and the tribal rhythms make me wanna dance and get naked. Giddy Up!

Alec Troniq and Alberto Pascual  — Yujuuu (M.in Remix)

I can’t get enough of the filthy bass that just fills the room and gives you that gentle yet firm smack on the butt where you just can’t stop moving and grinding.  It’s a sick track.

Dario Nunez — Drum Land (Original Mix)

It’s big chunky house that fills the speakers with a dirty tribal beat. This track is perfect for taking the room to a sexy swagger, where hips start shaking and things get playful.

Jay Lumen — Our Freedom (Original Mix)

Take a listen to this one on a big system and feel how every sound is simplistically sexy. Those little syncopated bongos drive me crazy! I love the groove this track brings to the dance floor. House is a feeling.

Hoxton Whores, featuring Krysten Cummings —  Sunrise (Hoxton Whores 2014 Remix)

This remix found its way onto my collection last year and made my summer that much hotter. This one builds up real nice with filthy electro chords, crowd cheers and a sweet vocal — it’s a perfect summer track.

Jerome Robins and Dolly Rockers — Everybody Dance (Sideback Remix)

There’s just something the way Jerome and Dolly took one of my favorite classics and made it so chunky and funky. This brings me back to my Atomic Nightclub days where this catchy trumpet lick stuck in my head for weeks. I’ve played live trumpet over this mix during my sets and man does the crowd go off! Jerome Robins has been one of my top five remixers for the past few years — he always delivers the right amount of chunky grooves and momentum in all his music.

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