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From the Speakers: Josh Karmin

Deko-ze gets to know the Windsor/Toronto DJ

DJ Josh Karmin presents his top 10 tracks of the moment

Hometown: Toronto (Formerly Windsor)  

Bio: Legend has it that Detroit is the birthplace of techno. If that’s the case, then it’s no surprise that Josh Karmin, who began his career in the Motor City a decade ago, quickly climbed the ropes of success. Karmin’s DJ career may be rooted in Detroit, but it originated in Windsor and has expanded to the underground club scenes of Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Vancouver, London and Columbus, alongside some of the worlds most respected dance music DJs and producers. Here are his top 10 tracks of the moment.

1. Oliver Giacomotto – Bipolar Star

The first time I heard this track, Anthony Attalla was warming up the floor at Red nightclub and I fell instantly in love! Mysterious and sexy with boldly twisting elctro-tinged chord arrangements dropping into a dark, groovy beat. Oliver always builds mystery and a bit of darkness into his tracks . . . This track is devilishly good.

2. Josh Karmin – In2mate

One of my latest original tracks signed to Green House Records. This one came from the heart. Prime-time progressive house with a touch of latin percussion and a breakdown that will get your heart pumpin’. You’ve got to show me love! 

3. Gorgon City ft Jennifer Hudson – Go All Night (Booka Shade Club Mix)

Sexy house beat with an even sexier vocal. Bouncy and groovy to start off the night or close the night; either way, it will make you go all night!  

4. Alcatraz  – Give Me Luv (Nicole Moudaber Remix)

The queen of techno’s take on the classic house anthem that rocked dance floors for decades. Loving this techno fused throwback with a driving beat and the ominous “techno animal” roars in the breakdown. Sooo good! 

5. Naterma – Everybody Does (Original Mix)

A dark and funky beat that makes you sweat. Another throwback and remix of INXS’s hit “Need You Tonight.” This catchy vocal and baseline are guaranteed to break the dacefloor and keep them coming back for more.  

6.  Josh Karmin – Spin Cycle

My first original — a big room slayer! Featuring soaring melodies, dazzling peaks and an overall uplifting ambiance that will mesmerize. It kicks in hard, it’s loud and it’s very, very contagious! 

7. Re Dupre, Vintage Culture – C.R.E.A.M. (Original Mix)

Down-tempo electro with a touch of acid house. This track brings me back to the time when electro house ruled dancefloors and rave dancing was in full effect!  

8. Tavo ft Sophia May – Amazing (Alaia & Gallo Remix)

Tribal rhythms, yet soft and bouncy. Perfect for an outdoor party, perhaps a sunrise set or getting the night started . . . Either way, this track brings a techy groove and a beautiful vocal to soothe your soul. 

9. Fergus Keogh & Shane K – “Back the Fuck Up

My latest secret weapon! This track has all the elements I listen for when searching for treasure tracks: a hard electro-ish drop, an epic/colourful breakdown with a bit of suspense and an overall tone that keeps the dance floor in the palm of your hand. 

10. Peter Brown & Deko-ze – I’m in Love With U (Original Mix)

Probably one of my favourite tracks of the moment. That vocal is so catchy — it’s fun, it’s playful, it’s suspenseful . . . just like being in love.

Here’s where you can find Josh Karmin online:

Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram: JoshKarmin