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Fuck Water

An inspiring new Toronto lube company

New Toronto-based/water-based lube company

No, Fuck Water is not the name of a marketing campaign from the soda-pop industry’s lobby group. It is, in fact, a premium water-based lube.

“I hated having to reapply during the sex act, and one of my pet peeves was the stickiness left on your hands,” says co-founder Robert Gazzoli.

Marketed with the tagline “When spit and courage aren’t enough,” Fuck Water is the creation of Toronto’s Non-Friction Products, run by Gazzoli and two gay friends. The trio, whose backgrounds are in manufacturing, business and chemistry, found themselves talking one day about what gay men want from a lube and developed the concept for Fuck Water. From the start, they put an emphasis on quality, using only food-grade ingredients, because, let’s face it, it’ll find its way into your mouth. “We went through 14 different formulae and tested it out during sex,” Gazzoli says. “It became a bit clinical as we all had to complete a survey after.”

All the ingredients are sourced within North America and the product itself is bottled in Toronto. So, not only can you feel confident you’ll be using something that’s not going to harm you with nasty parabens, but you’ll also be supporting the local economy. It’s just like buying organic heirloom tomatoes; the next time you’re stocking up on sex supplies you might want to consider the source, quality and characteristics of a product that will end up inside you . . . and your guests.