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Full Military Dress

Remembrance Day ceremonies went off without a hitch in the Nation’s Capital. Her Excellency wore a full dress uniform of the Army, as did Prince Charles (with the rank of Lieutenant General). Her epaulets and cuffs bore the lion insignia of her office (which I think is cool). Usually the Prince wears a naval uniform – as he was a naval officer for many years – and he did during his visit to CFB Esquimalt (with the honorary rank of Vice-Admiral), but this was likely because he was paying tribute to our fallen troops in Afghanistan (families of many he later visited over at the CFB Petawawa before returning to Rideau Hall for a state dinner). I should also report that for the first time since he became PM, Harper actually respected protocol and wasn’t on the reviewing platform for the parade, but stood beside it – as he is supposed to. I suspect that the presence of all those protocol officers with Prince Charles is what kept him in line, and his presidential envy in check. Her Excellency and Prince Charles were on the platform, saluting the troops and veterans as they passed by.

Elsewhere, a brief commotion erupted when word went around the True Patriot Love benefit gala on Tuesday night when word went around that “Thatcher died.” Harper’s press secretary called up British Prime Minister Gordon Brown – only to learn that Margaret Thatcher was indeed still alive. The “Thatcher” that died was John Baird’s beloved cat, named after the Iron Lady herself. In other words – false alarm.

The Canadian Press takes a look at the way stimulus funds are being distributed according to regions with high unemployment.

Up today – Prince Charles will plant a tree at Rideau Hall before heading back to England. Half an hour later, Harper heads off to begin his own international tour of Singapore, India, Trinidad and Tobago, China, and South Korea. Better late than never, I guess.
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