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Fun at the fair

Wanna come out and play?

OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST. Mark Tewksbury will make an appearance. Credit: Tony Fong

There’s no doubt in most people’s minds that there are some great

lesbian tennis players and some fantastic gay figure skaters out there.

But with this past decade’s (self) outings of individuals like swimmer Mark Tewksbury, a gold medalist for Canada at the 1992 Olympics, people are starting to realize that we are all over the court.

From climbing to curling and tennis to tae kwon do, the homo sports scene is alive and kicking. The Toronto Lesbian And Gay Sports Alliance is dedicated to advancing recreational sport in the community. And the afternoon of Sat, Mar 25, Toronto’s first Lesbian And Gay Sports Fair: Come Out And Play will take place at the 519 Church Street Community Centre.

Walter Dimini, a member of the Q-Crew Rowing Club for the past five years, believes when gay men and lesbians are involved in mixed team sports there is often a lack of the necessary bonding between players.

“There is a fear, rather than hatred, of gays and lesbians by their straight teammates,” says Dimini.

“The Lesbian And Gay Sports Fair is an ideal opportunity for people to get information about the more than 20 sports leagues, tournaments and sport-related events serving Toronto’s lesbian and gay community.”

The Rainbow Hoops Women’s Basketball League, Downtown Swim Club and Crag Crux Climbers are just a few of the sports organizations confirmed. There’ll be bowlers and, of course, the Sydney 2002 Gay Games gang will be there, too.

As young people, many lesbians and gays were taunted by peers for a lack of prowess on the sports field. Those who did possess the skills weren’t always the first pick….

Problems with ostracism and low self-esteem don’t exactly foster team spirit for gay youths. However, as adults, many have found an outlet in sports.

For some gay men and lesbians, sport has even become a form of activism in itself. Events like the Gay Games and gay athletes such as Olympic boxing medalist Mark Leduc are showing the world

that homos can hold their own either against or alongside heterosexuals in recreational and professional sports.

Organizers of the sports fair hope to attract new as well as seasoned sports fans to the event.


Free. 1-3pm. Sat, Mar 25.

519 Church Street Community Centre.

(416) 925-XTRA xt 2233.