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Fundraiser for Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees

Group is raising awareness and helping refugees

On Sat, Feb 27, the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR) will hold a fundraising breakfast at Ottawa City Hall.

The event is part of an awareness campaign by IRQR, a Toronto-based organization committed to helping queer Iranian refugees through the asylum process — ultimately gaining legal status in Canada.

“They need support while they are in transit countries,” says Arsham Parsi, IRQR’s executive director. “If someone needs support to grant asylum we lobby with organizations and governments, and just help them during their refugee process.”

The organization is volunteer-based and the money raised will go directly to supporting refugees, organizers say.

In April 2008, Parsi ran into trouble with his first refugee group, Iranian Queer Organization (IRQO). Members of the board accused him of trying to improperly seize control of the organization and its finances, but both sides say now that some of the issues have been resolved and they just want to move on.

The IRQR fundraiser will be hosted by councillor Clive Doucet on Sat, Feb 27 at 10:30am in Ottawa City Hall Colonel By Room. Tickets: $10.